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Stop the criminals in their tracks ...

You CAN stop a crime before it happens!


Our original security solutions are the answer!

Sceptical? The many real world results & demonstrations are here on our web site for you to see for yourself!

Power of our solutions is their ability to comfortably cloak you in an unobtrusive & invisible safety blanket, laying in wait for criminals & then WHAM!

Our professional, original high quality systems work on the principle of handling the villian
before he can attempt anything, so his natural instinct to 'GET THE HECK OUT!' kicks in and he hurtles away empty-handed and suffering for his crime!

Browse through our Product Catalogue, don't forget that the sky is the limit for customising to your exact needs, it is
your own blanket after all!
Have a look at the special customisations we do for Your Self, Your Home, Your Business, Wendy Houses, Special Forces Security Operations, Cell Towers & Remote Sites and Riot/Crowd Control.

How can you benefit from all these solutions? Let us help you, we are the original inventors of these products. Many try to imitate, but fail their customers.

Our systems have been invented and patented for the sole purpose of giving YOU the peace of mind that YOU & YOUR belongings are PRO-ACTIVELY protected!
Criminals are incapacitated before they can cause trouble!

YES, you CAN stop crime before it happens!

In a hurry? Download our Product Catalogue
here and read it a bit later. ( PDF Reader required)

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