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Beresford McCrae Bright

Client References

The Designers and Producers of the Chilli Pepper Systems.
Chilli Pepper Security Systems ,
South Africa.

Re: The portable spray unit I bought from you a year ago and all our friends in the Eastern cape wild coast area who have also enjoyed this great alarm.

Dear Derek,

Hello and thanks again for your support and service we have had over the last year, this little alarm is the talk of our coastline from shack owners to modern holiday homes, farms and farm stalls.

I am sorry that I was not able to take on the agency for this area due to business pressure in Australia over the last nine months but now that all that has been sorted out I will be looking at marketing the Alarm in the near future.

Just to give you a little history on how the Alarm has sorted out our problems of house breaking along our coast, one of my friends run a large craft centre on the main East London - Port Elizabeth N2 highway, this shop was broken into at least every Saturday night, he tried everything possible, extra Guards on the weekends, sat up all night waiting for the break in, the normal alarm was useless because the response came from fifty km away in Port Alfred.

I told him about the Portable unit which was so simple, all he had to do was put it at the cash Register where they head for and his problem would be over. He bought a unit and did what he had to do, well on Sunday when they arrived at the Craft shop to open up, they could see that the windows were smashed again, so they opened up, expecting again the worst, and
to their delight behind the counter they found the intruders, huddled up under their jackets, their eyes were puffed up and they couldnít see, they were in fact so happy to see the owners. Well they have now caught six of the breakers at different times and have solved the problem that almost forced them to close the doors.

I also had that built in fear every time we locked up our holiday home at Hamburg, waiting for that dreaded phone call, to say they had broken in again, hell it put a damper on having a home at the sea, it has been nine months since the last break in, they even left their clothes behind, the police found our microwave lying outside the window, that is a far as they got, the pepper gas nailed them, what a pleasure having my little miracle alarm, I always say to my wife, every time I push that remote button to disarm or to rearm, it works perfectly every time, my holiday home is now a pleasure, no more insurance claims, hell what a Godsend.

The word is out (bush telegraph)!!! stay away from that house, or that house, they know where the alarms are. We now have eight in Hamburg and I donít know how many in Brigham and Fish River Sun.

Well done and thanks so much from all the guys at Hamburg and area, my Insurance Broker is a mate of mine, you wont believe how happy he is, no more phone calls and driving down to the holiday house to repair windows.

I have so many stories from the guys here,
if anyone is unsure about purchasing one of your alarms let them give me a ring, Iím hooked .

Thanks so much and we wish you all the best.

Beresford McCrae Bright

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