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Birch Acres Primary School 2

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20 November 2002

Chilli Pepper Security Systems

Dear Mr Kemp

I wish to place on record our satisfaction and the effectiveness of the Chilli Pepper Security System that was installed at our school at the beginning of this year.

We have had two break-ins since installation of the system. On the first occasion in March, the administration office was broken into and a few items were grabbed in the haste to retreat.
The perpetrator, suffering from the effects of the pepper spray, was apprehended and subsequently convicted.

On the second occasion last month, this office was again broken into, but the pepper spray, which activated before the security alarm, prevented the computers from being disconnected. When the police arrived to take a statement the next morning they informed us that
17 break-ins had been reported on the same night and our premises was the only one that had nothing taken.

I can vouch for the effectiveness of this system and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to secure their property.

Yours sincerely


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