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Cameron Clark

Client References

Dear Derek
After two burglaries in two weeks and our computers and fax machines stolen twice, we were grasping our straws at what to do next.
We heard about CPSS and decided to install this product.

From the past two break-ins we decided that it was the same people involved and we wanted to hurt them. We replaced our stolen items with new one’s, inviting our intruders back again.

Sure enough on a Friday night two weeks later I received a panicked phone call from SAP; “Sir, there seems to be some sort of poisonous gas leaking from your building, please come at once!” I figured what was going on and headed for Pinetown – Some 40km from my home.

As I arrived at the premises there was a welcoming party consisting of SAP vans, Fire brigade and ADT Security. Coughing officers with tears running down their faces descended on me asking what the gas is and why it is in the building. I explained what it was and they replied, “Yis laaik I thought we were going to suffocate in there!”
On entering the building I was pleasantly surprised to find all our assets exactly were they where thanks to CPSS

Cameron Clarke

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