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Cell Towers & Remote Sites

Protection for


1. To provide cost effective automated security for cell towers & remote sites housing mission critical, sensitive & expensive communications devices.
2. To provide an instant response to an incident where there is no quick response to minimize losses & down time.

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1. To provide a Non-Lethal security solution integrated with an Off-Site Video monitoring system linked to a control room.
2. To have video footage to provide to Police, insurance companies and for assessments of the modus operandi of the criminals to continuiously improve out systems and designs.

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1. The 2kg CPSS High Pressure Industrial System proves to be the most effective system for the application.
2. The systems are built into IP66 rated ALL WEATHER POLYCARBONATE boxes with weather resistant covers over the electronics to prevent corrosion.
3. Plastic spray is applied to the electronics for further protection.
4. System design is of such a nature that there are minimal metal parts to prevent corrosion damage.
5. Stainless Steel bottle for the Pepper and Aluminum bottle for the booster.
6. Flexible with the options of having 1, 2, 3 or 4 nozzles to spray in different directions.
7. Indoor spray distance single nozzle 25-30 meters in 4 seconds, 2 nozzles 20 meters per nozzle and 15 meter per nozzles for 3 nozzles.
8. Out doors applications will give varied performance due to different weather conditions.
9. Out door spray distance in moderate conditions will be approximately 5-20 meters with one nozzle, 5-15 meters for 2 nozzles, and 5-15 meters for 3 nozzles.
10. The system contains 2 liters of OC (olio resin capsicum) or Pepper Spray for short.
11. GSM communicator built in for various reasons:
a) For the local radio engineer to monitor the system.

b) As a backup to the camera system should there be any communication failures for what ever reason.
c) For emergency contact incase the engineers gets attacked, robbed or hijacked. Then a message is texted to the relevant people to respond.
d) For Chilli Pepper and radio engineer to receive reports regarding tampering, power issues or activations from a maintenance point of view to ensure that the systems are always in a fully functional state.
e) For override or bypassing of the system for maintenance should radio engineer not be able to be on site.
12. Every system is supplied with its own set of bottles including a refill set with a DEMO set for testing and commissioning. When bottles are empty they need to be sent to Chilli Pepper for testing and refilling.
13. Internal systems to protect inside the BTS or to spray through the walls (via a nozzle) to protect air conditioner units etc.
14. Each system comes with 2x Out Door Digital Passive Infra Red Detectors that have been Pre-Wired for minimizing installation time and lessen the risk of installer errors.
15. Each system has a separate connector point with high quality spring loaded terminals for connecting to all auxiliary equipment as all the controlling electronics are behind a see through protective cover. (No fingers where they don't belong)

Chilli Pepper Systems installations by Link Africa Projects.

A supplier and installer of Chilli Pepper Security Systems 2cc products for these applications.

For Link Africa Projects' contact details contact us.


Chilli Pepper Systems installations by Secu-Exports/Secu-Systems.

A supplier and installer of Chilli Pepper Security Systems 2cc products for these applications.

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