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DR Jan K

Client References

Report on the effectiveness of the Chili alarm system.
Figure: The setup that I used.

The red box is where the alarm is placed above the door that the burglar usually breaks open to get into the house.

The idea is to get him in front of the wardrobe, when the alarm detects him so that he will rush back towards the door through the settling spray.

There are things on the other side of the door that he has to move before he can open the door these things will fall back against the door and trap him in the spray.

On Monday the 21st January, I left the house at about 05h30 the morning. I set the alarm. When I returned back at 15h00, I tried to disarm the alarm, I did not hear the disarm sound. I looked around the corner to see what was going on and saw that the alarm was not on the wall.

The goods that were on top of the wardrobe were lying on the ground and it was obvious that somebody was there. I found the alarm on the ground, the face plate came off and the chili canister was lying next to the system. When I came closer the alarm sounded again, and I disconnected the battery.

I have not noticed anything missing out of my house, so I assume that the spray convinced the person to leave very fast. Looking at the evidence left behind it seems as though this person rushed towards the alarm, pulled it off the wall and then dropped it. In the process he must have knocked the goods off the wardrobe and he had to get back over the goods through the settling pepper spray. I still do not know how the person managed to get into my house, I suspect that the person had to break into my swimming room (there are some weak points where somebody could get in and I will repair it back so that it would not be obvious that somebody came in) but then they would have needed a key to get into the rest of the house. The other points of entry can be eliminated as there are proper security gates protecting the door. All the windows are intact. And it does not look as though he came through the roof. When I returned all the doors were locked.

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