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When one considers the effectiveness of a conventional burglar alarm for when an intrusion or attack occurs one must consider:

  • How effective is my security system?
  • Will it STOP the perpetrators in their tracks or DETER them in any way?
  • Will they just continue regardless, and destroy my property to enter, steal and possibly harm my family because they know they have some time before someone arrives?
  • Will my family be left traumatised for the rest of their lives?
  • Will my security company arrive on time to help?
  • What value for money does the current security system really give me? For example, will my current security system FIGHT for me?

With our Pepper Spray Systems you get the surprise element back on your side, and the systems FIGHT the criminals for you.

All too often we hear stories of families that wake up in the morning with severe headaches and then find that their houses have been cleaned out because they were drugged by the criminals through their open windows.
Or, that the criminals rely on the fear factor and just attack you in your house, believing that you will be crippled by fear.

How many of our friends and relatives have paid with their lives as they felt the need to confront the perpetrators with or without their own personal weapons?

The solution is to have your own Pepper Spray System FIGHT for you when you are at your most vulnerable.

Set your system up to spray externally - you will stop/incapacitate the criminal before he can get to you.

Inconspicuous presence outside, actual system unit is inside & tamper proof


  • The Spray is OUTSIDE - the amount of Pepper Spray inside your abode is minimised.
  • The criminals get hit at your perimeter OUTSIDE - not inside your house where you & your family are.
  • No need to confront the criminals, you are kept out of harms way - you tend to your family and their concerns inside, away from the crminals, while the Pepper Spray System FIGHTS for you.

All our systems integrate with any make or type of security system or can operate as an independent "backup system" to the existing systems you already have.

These systems do not "replace" the existing systems you have but serve to enhance them to be proactive and MORE effective in protecting you.

CONVENTIONAL SYSTEMS DO NOT PROTECT YOU, they rely on yours or your security firm's delayed response. This may well be too late for you.

These systems can be employed very effectively to protect roof cavities if you have a risk of entry from your roof.

The applications are endless for those serious about their own, their family's and their property's protection.

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