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Lorna Loxton

Client References

25 July 2011

Hello Derek,

I spoke to you last week about the unit which was wall mounted inside a cottage on our property, and how it worked so well.

My family is all back and I'm happy to report that nothing was stolen at the time of the burglary - thanks to the Chilli Pepper Spray Unit!

The intruders broke through the security gate and front door and still attempted unsuccessfully to break through the door to the bedroom as we saw the lock was damaged to the extent that we couldn't open it. By that stage the Pepper Spray must have caused enough discomfort for the intruders to run off empty handed.

By the time the security company arrived - about 15 minutes from the time the main alarm was set off - no one was to be seen. The main alarm system is not linked directly to the security company and our house sitter had to alert them, but was instructed not to go near the cottage unless he was accompanied by a security guard - for his own safety.

We live outside of the town and the plots vary from 10 to 50 hectares each, so the houses are fairly far apart with much bush etc. in between. This has now been the third break-in over the last three years, but only the first since the installation of the spray unit around September last year.

Hopefully, they will think twice about trying to break-in here again - but I must mention that another house was burgled up the road from us a few hours later that same night.

The perpetrators have not attempted to return since then - a period of three weeks now.

Lorna Loxton

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