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Lorna Loxton 2

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03 May 2012

Thanks Derek. Do appreciate your donation of a free 100 ml bottle. Will order 1 x 100ml extra.

Burglars broke into our cottage again via a security gate and door on 26 April, 2012 Ė 10 months after the previous incident in which they encountered the chilli pepper spray alarm for the first time.

The primary alarm alerted us to the break-in. Most likely the same crew as before, as this time they came armed with wire cutters, thinking they could deactivate both alarms by cutting wires. They might also have come prepared with goggles and some form of protective clothing to give them time to get to the wires, which when cut, didnít stop the pepper spray alarm from discharging Ė didnít bargain on the battery backup!

The cottage had been vacated by the time my husband got there five minutes after the alarm sounded. The canister had discharged fully and even my son experienced burning of the skin and eyes an hour later when he dashed in to get the fan on to blow the fumes out of the cottage. So even if no one had been around to investigate, they would have had to wait for a long time before entering the cottage again.
Nothing was stolen this time either.


Lorna Loxton

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