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Personal Protection

Protection for

SWAT Pepperfog for personal use, approved by:

CSIR - Independent South African certification body, the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), as safe for use on human beings.

Onderstepoort Veterinary Faculty, University of Pretoria, as safe for use on vicious dogs.

1. Peppersprays [1st Guarantee]
SWAT/ Chilli Pepper offers a full 2-year replacement guarantee from date of manufacture, if any pepperspray is found to be defective.
2. Peppersprays [2nd Guarantee]
For all civilian purchases from the SWAT/Chilli Pepper website, SWAT will offer a replacement canister of that product free of charge, provided that:

  • Full details of the incident are provided, in writing, to a SWAT Deftac representative;
  • Details of the incident have been reported to the SA Police Service and an official casenumber has been issued; and
  • The applicant has acted within the bounds of the law in defending him or herself against criminal attack.

Some testimonials on actual use of SWAT Defensive/Tactical Products:

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