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13 July 2010

Dear Derek

Chilli Pepper saves computers

We have had ongoing break-ins at our Benoni Plant. It is located next to a mine dump and a lot of open veld just off the Snake Road off ramp from the N12.

In desperation we installed one of your systems.

It has saved the day on 2 occasions now. From previously losing all the computers and other office equipment, they only got away with 1 computer monitor. The security guard who was too afraid to confront the gang of 8 guys, watched as each one of them attempted to enter the building only to run out empty handed shortly afterwards.

It is a great “in your face” system that doesn’t rely on a third party to look after your property.


Mark Hovy
Area Manager
084 500-5566
P.O. Box 7494, Halfway House, 1685
Tel. (011) 310-8141
Fax. (011) 310-8277
Reg No. 2007/032979/07
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