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Real Life


Outside the shop, in the prowling car, they circle the block and come back.
The cowards beat up the guard,
throw a brick through the window, and
dive inside with empty boxes to fill ... well,
The awesome Chilli Pepper System lets them have what's coming to them!
Watch as they get a good dosing from the system
and they beat a very hasty retreat!
YES! They won't be coming back!

Once you click on the picture, your media player should open up, and will first download the file and then only begin playing it.
On 3G this may take between 3 and 8 minutes.


  • The security respone team arrived 15 and a half minutes after the perpetrators left.
  • Security guards supervisors arrived 9 minutes after the perps left.
  • The time from when the “portable universal front door key” smashed through the front door until the time they fled in their car was 28 seconds.
  • Their total time inside the shop was 15 seconds.
  • NO-ONE can carry items or do much damage once they have been peppered.
  • Are YOU getting value for the money you spend on your current security option?

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