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01 July 2003

I would like to place on record, the value of the Chilli Pepper Security System installed at Samsung Midrand.

We moved into these premises September 2001, there was an existing Chilli Pepper Security System installed, however, it covered the entrance and exit doors only; not all the offices.

In September 2002 we had a burglary, which resulted in the loss of several computers, the thieves removed the burglar bars and broke the window, this of course by passed the existing Chilli Pepper Security System.

We expanded the system to include all our offices. As of this time, we have 2 other attempted break-ins
BUT this time, they did not gain access, I am sure the effects of the Chilli Pepper Security System drove them away. I would whole heartedly recommend any business (or Home) to install this system.

Kevin Pickford
National Service Manager
Samsung Electronics South Africa

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