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Snowy Walker

Client References

Snowy Walker Street
Pretoria East

(House number withheld for security reasons)

06 September 2005
Chilli Pepper Spray Systems

FAO: Mr. Derek Kemp
Via Email;

Dear Derek

I write in respect of the CPSS stand-alone system I purchased and to let you know how
I find the unit invaluable for my “peace of mind”, which compliments my existing house alarm system. The unit stands in front of my front door and behind the security gate as previously intruders had enter via this route. The unit also acts as a visual deterrent, especially if the cover is removed and the spray can is visible. I say this because people who visit are reluctant to approach even if the unit is de-activated.

I had an experience where the unit I had in foiled an attempted burglary recently whilst I was away from my house. I had a call from ADT advising that my alarm system had been activated; I have outside “beam breakers”. On returning home I found that the CPSS unit had also been activated (an audible indication of this is given when de-activating the unit – also a valuable indication), and evidently the Pepper spray had been triggered. The audible siren is “piercingly loud” to draw attention, and on speaking with my neighbours, I was told that
an “undesirable person” was seen fleeing, clearly in agony and rubbing his face, stopping on occasion to get his bearings and trying to wash his eyes on available water taps on the front of neighbours properties.

I feel the CPSS unit is like having a “security guard” standing at my entrance through out the night and I feel more relaxed when home or when I’m not. The panic button is a bonus if the doorbell goes when not expecting anyone. You never know what tricks criminals are going to throw!

I would like to congratulate you on a well-designed unit, which is
flexible, reliable, effective and simple to install, and use. The unit is certainly a good friend of mind and never lets me down.

Keep up the good work, and thank you.

Very satisfied, and a much happier resident.
Mike Williams

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