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Two more victories!

Client References

Hi Derek,

Herewith two references gratefully acknowledging the effectiveness of your pepper spray security systems:

1. Brooklyn Pretoria

I am the MD of an environmental and architectural consultancy in Pretoria. We suffered from a number of after hours break-ins between 2000 and 2002, the worst of which involved the loss of 7 computers, a hi-fi,and other offices appliances. This was notwithstanding the fact that we had a alarm system and armed response.

With all the break-ins, the response time was acceptable (less than 10 minutes), but this did not stop the burglars from relieving us of our office equipment. Out of desperation, I investigated other deterrents, including outdoor passive, electrified fencing, indoor smoke sprays and others. I settled on the Chilli Pepper Spray, and we installed an integrated 5 a unit system in our office. We subsequently were burgled once again. This time, they hardly made it through the front door, triggered the spray, they grabbed one 'decoy'computer and disappeared. That was three years ago. We haven't had an incident since! Enough said!!

As a side note to this story, the last burglary occurred on a Sunday afternoon, and I arrived some 30 minutes after the response company notified me of the break-in. When I arrived, the security company's response officer was gingerly tending to his very red and watery eye's he had obviously entered our offices through the same point as the burglars, although he knew full well that they had left, and reactivated the pepper spray system. I have heard that this tactic often leads to secondary theft of smaller items by the responding officers.

Fortunately, in our case, the pepper spay had reset itself and the security officer had to wait outside until I had arrived!!

2. Greenlyn Village Menlo Park

We have a business in Menlo Park that includes a number of computers and peripherals. The company had not been running long, when it was hit by burglars and suffered heavy losses, including a flat screen TV, computers etc. This happened in a 'secure' office environment, with 24 hour guards, alarm systems and armed response.

We simply installed one mobile pepper spay unit, and within a couple of weeks, the burglars returned. This time they were very discouraged by the pepper spray and managed to get away with only the TV.
I am in no doubt that we would have incurred far greater losses had we not invested in the Chilli System.

Thanks again for a superb product, as well as the after sales service you have provided me - it is greatly appreciated.
Peter Velcich
Tel: (012) 346 XXXX
Fax: (012) 346 XXXX

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