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VIP/CashInTransit Protection

Protection for

One of the most vulnerable security situations you face every day is when you are seated in your vehicle, entering or exiting your driveway or moving on the road!

It is a danger consciously faced every day by brave people in Cash-In-Transit Vans, VIP Vehicles & Armoured Vehicles.

What is protecting your vehicle's perimeter? Chilli Pepper Systems would instantly neutralise any approaching threat.

Activated manually, automatically, remotely or from a Control Centre (or a mix of these) you will find Chilli Pepper Systems protecting 24/7/365, rain or shine.

The video clips below demonstrate the tailored solution which Chilli Pepper Systems has installed for a prominent VIP in his armoured vehicle.

The solution utilises our 2kg Lo-Pressure system with just four nozzles; as always, tailored & set up to our clients' specific requirements.

Why don't you have this? What is stopping you? ... What is protecting you?

Click on the picture & a small window will open to play the video,
OR your browser may want to download it first & then play the video.

Demonstration: Attempted Hijacking.

Remote controlled activation - Vehicle Front View.

Remote controlled activation - Vehicle Rear View.

Colourant makes it easy to identify criminals positively!
Sprayed on DNA tracers are in testing at the moment.
This would provide legal proof of a person's involvement at a crime scene.
Did we mention customisation? .... Oh yes we did!

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